GPS Sport Tracker – What makes us unique?

GPS Sport Tracker – What makes us unique?

Sonda Sports is a fully wireless, innovative, easy-to-use system with GPS sport tracker, adapted to different groups – women and men, children, amateur and professional clubs.

what makes us unique Sonda Sports

Fully wireless, easy-to-use system with gps sport tracker

One of our main goals was to create a system that would comprehensively monitor physical activity, control the performance of athletes, prevent injuries, and at the same time be easy and intuitive to use.

Being able to achieve these aims was extremely important to us due to the fact that the Sonda Sports system is adapted for professional and amateur teams. 

The athlete performance monitoring and analysis system we have developed is completely wireless. Data from the tracker is automatically sent to the cloud, where all calculations and analyses are performed using algorithms based on the latest scientific research.

Thanks to this, the user has access to data at any place and time and can view it in the form of transparent, user-friendly charts and statistics.

Sonda Sports Indoor

Innovation and comfort
Our indoor system is the most innovative system for monitoring players during training in sports halls and gyms, where GPS positioning is not possible.

It consists of 4 light, portable, wireless antennas which can be quickly and easily placed on a tripod or fixed permanently in the room. Our trackers are distinguished by their size and weight. They weigh only 39 grams, have a diameter of 55 mm, and a thickness of 17 mm.

Therefore, our trackers are exceptionally comfortable and stay firmly in our specially designed clothing. In addition to our universal vests, we are the only brand on the market which offers women’s sports bras, as well as sleeveless shirts for children and adults.

different groups Sonda Sports

Adaptation to the needs of different groups
Our technology and products have been designed to meet the needs of different groups – women and men, children and their parents, university teams, sports academies, and amateur and professional clubs. 

Most of the solutions available on the market are expensive and only professional clubs can afford to buy them. Our system changes this thanks to the offered price level.

We increase access to such solutions for amateur sports teams. In addition, we provide insight into the application at various levels – not only from the coach’s account, but also from the athlete or a young athlete’s parent.

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