5 Movement Training Methods That Can Help You in the Field
Learn five movement training methods that can help you be a better athlete in the field

5 Movement Training Methods That Can Help You in the Field

Understanding the kind of exercise you do and why you do it is part and parcel of being an athlete. Not all exercise routines are created equal, and some may be more beneficial to a certain type of athlete than another. For example, previously on Sonda Sports we talked about the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and what these different types of exercise mean for your body. Today, we’ll discuss five movement training methods that can help you be a better athlete both on and off the field.

Better Cardio

The proper cardio training can lead to double benefits like improved endurance and fat loss, which can be beneficial for any athlete. However, not all cardio may be the “right” kind of cardio, so it’s important to find a cardio workout that maximises what you need maximised. Tom Postema of Stack lists three different movement training exercises for cardio for athletes, namely interval running, sled work, and circuits, all of which will help build your endurance and cut down your extra fat in no time.

Reduce Body Fat

High-energy exercises are good for reducing body fat quickly due to the increased energy demand these exercises have on the body. An exercise move like the barbell thruster listed in this article on Muscle and Fitness is a great, total-body conditioning exercise that will have you dropping the pounds and building muscle in no time. These exercises have to be done quickly, so in order to get the full benefits of this workout you have to go fast!

Explosive Strength

Strength isn’t focused on just one muscle group in the body; it comes from all of them, so in order to get strong you need to train each group with equal focus. CrossFit emphasises functional fitness through movements that reflect daily life— like climbing stairs and lifting heavy bags. These are simple exercises that will strengthen most of your muscle groups, so the benefits of such a workout are aplenty.

Increased Flexibility

While yoga may seem like an “easy” sport, the reality is that it’s just as rigorous a discipline as any other. Yoga may not be your first choice when it comes to getting a good workout in, but dedicated stretching and meditation have multiple benefits for athletes, especially those that are prone to injury. To start off, you can try these six yoga poses for football players from Do You Yoga, and see whether they benefit you or not. (Hint: they probably will.)

Better Endurance

As an athlete, you need to be prepared to give it your all on the field for the full duration of a game. Thus, building your stamina is an essential part of any workout regimen. Cheat Sheet lists several exercises that will help both athletes and laypeople to quickly build stamina, among them stair-climbing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and cycling. Luckily, there are tonnes of different workouts you can do to build your stamina, so you can pick and choose what best fits your training regimen and diet.

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