Sonda Sports’ collaboration with Macclesfield Town FC

Sonda Sports’ collaboration with Macclesfield Town FC

Sonda Sports, a manufacturer of tracking devices and a GPS-based system for performance analysis in football, has begun collaborating with the Macclesfield Town F.C., managed by former England defender Sol Campbell.

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Macclesfield Town and Sonda Sports have started a technological partnership. We have provided the team with equipment for accurately monitoring the players throughout the season.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the coaching staff will gain access to statistics of performance analysis in football that will enable making decisions based on reliable data on the condition, physical effort and performance of each player.

Daniel Douglas-Pringle, the physical preparation coach for Macclesfield Town team, points out that, “Sonda Sports responded quickly to the needs of the team when we started searching for a GPS system that would meet our expectations.

Sol Campbell wanted to get broad access to data that could be collected on a daily basis with the greatest accuracy, which has a key impact on monitoring fitness preparation in the best possible way”.

He also adds, “The Sonda Sports system, which consists of trackers, heart rate monitors and an advanced data presentation application, will definitely help in achieving the team’s goals.

Sonda Sports has significantly supported us by providing the necessary equipment for further development”.

Sol Campbell performance analysis in football

Karol Kłosiewicz, PR & Marketing Manager at Sonda Sports, says, “The statistics obtained through the use of the player monitoring system will allow the coaching staff to access data that will not only determine the performance of each athlete but will also reduce the risk of injury.

Our collaboration with Macclesfield Town is an exciting step for us and we are pleased that we can help the club in their struggle to achieve a good position in the English Football League”.

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