Player Tracking System Tested by Footballlab

Player Tracking System Tested by Footballlab


Thanks to our collaboration with Sonda Sports during this year’s Skills Box Camp in Kleszczów, we had the opportunity to test the player tracking system.

Easily accesible player tracking system

The system precisely monitors every health parameter of athletes during training, its intensity, and the body’s response to the stimuli. Detailed results can be viewed in the form of 26 statistics – on a computer or in a phone app.

player tracking system stats

The player tracking system is incredibly intuitive and what is especially useful for coaches – it is not time-consuming. This is important in the case of everyday work with Sonda Sports, because often coaches at both professional and semi-professional clubs complain about additional duties. After configuring the system, using it is easy and pleasant.

Coaches, players and parents have access to the players’ profiles.
The system “studies” individual players and after a few training sessions indicates the appropriate, individual thresholds of physical effort. Thanks to this, you can regularly monitor the level of training intensity and the effort of players.

youth player tracker

As a result, it is easier to program and schedule training programs and adjust the workloads to each of the players when needed.
After training, you can download the data from your device via Wi-Fi and after a few moments, you have access to a complete set of statistics and various types of analyses.

Online based player tracking system

Great facilitation is a fact that you do not need any applications or programs to display and analyse data. Everything is cloud based. Individual profiles can be displayed both on a laptop and on a mobile phone or tablet. Of course, for deeper analyses, you can export Excel files.

system online access
player tracking system app access

The Sonda Sports player tracking system is also a useful tool for verifying and controlling the quality of a coach’s work. Thanks to the analysis, you are able to determine how intense the training was, how many breaks there were and whether the coach spent too much time talking.

Player tracking system not only for coaches

We often encounter situations when a coach makes too many breaks, which affects the quality and intensity of the training. As you can see, the Sonda Sports system is not only a device for assisting coaches but also a control tool that can be helpful for coordinators and analysts who deal with work methodology.

More and more football methodology specialists and coaches believe that training sessions should be as close to match conditions as possible. Sonda Sports allows to compare training and match parameters.

player tracking system marching conditions

An interesting solution is also the possibility of viewing heat maps, which provide a preview of the players’ activity in particular areas of the pitch. This is useful not only for checking the implementation of tactics during the match but also for the qualitative analysis of the training.

The system also shows a player’s metabolic power during a workout or match, which facilitates the work of dieticians.

coach analysis gps tracking

Injury risk prevention

One of the most important functions of the system is the ability to predict the risk of injury. The system calculates this risk in two ways:
Internal and external efficiency
Training effort and intensity

player tracking system kit

The system consists of a GPS tracker, a docking station (which serves as a charger), a heart rate monitor, and a vest.

The SONDA SPORTS system is recommended for all clubs and football academies, at every level. The system’s intuitiveness and accurate analysis of each player’s activity allow it to be applied not only in clubs with extensive training staff but also in semi-professional teams where the coach is focused on optimising team management.

Thank you for the opportunity to test the equipment.
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