Mentality of the winner in early years training

Mentality of the winner in early years training

It may sound sentimental, but there’s a reason why everyone says that every player needs a heart to play and a strong mind to take the pressure of the training and the game. Winners are made, not born, and that process of “making” is very hard and complicated. That’s why it should start as fast as possible in the life of an athlete. There’s so much required to complete this process. Luckily, there are also effective methods and tools such as sports tracking which can be helpful.

Make sure your child is competitive

Pushing your children to take part in tournaments and professional training though all they want is just to play with a ball is the most obvious mistake. You have to make sure they really want to compete. If they do, teach them how to play fair and how to play in a team. Although a young football player may dream of becoming the next Cristiano Ronaldo, he still has to remember that his favourite sports discipline is a team game.

Teach them how to lose

Losing is associated with something bad and it may crush even the strongest spirit. While it’s sad and disappointing to lose, it should never stay in one’s mind for a long time when it happens. Drawing conclusions from failure is necessary, but not being able to move on is simply wrong and leads to nowhere. Every sports star you’ve ever admired has failed so many times they wouldn’t even be able to count it. If it wasn’t for these failures, they wouldn’t know what to improve. You need to lose in order to win –  embrace failure and treat it as an opportunity.

Teach them how to win!

Doesn’t this sound odd? Isn’t everyone just ready to win anytime? Well, no. Victory won’t just come to anyone. And you can’t just want it, it has to be something more. Imagine someone offers you your favourite cookie after you’ve just eaten something sweet. You’re satisfied, but you don’t get that WOW effect. But now imagine someone offers you a cookie after a long diet. Don’t you want it with all your mind and body? If you look away, aren’t you still thinking about the cookie? And that’s how hungry for success your child has to be.

Start using helpful equipment

If you want your child to be a successful adult football player, you need to show him the ways to achieve greatness right now. Show him techniques in training, explain how to improve efficiency, but also encourage him to use technology. Your child can benefit greatly from using technology like sports tracking. It will not only show him what it’s like to be a professional, but also imprint in his mind that the only way to check what you’re doing right and what needs to be improved is by monitoring your performance. Only a true winner can embrace his flaws –  you won’t change them unless you are aware of them.

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