Lions Rugby Co.’s collaboration with Sonda Sports

Lions Rugby Co.’s collaboration with Sonda Sports

Lions Rugby Co. has joined the technology partnership programme by Sonda Sports. The team participating in the Super Rugby games is now equipped with a rugby GPS trackers system, which will provide the coaching staff access to data used in the preparation of training sessions.


Professional rugby players using GPS trackers

Sonda Sports and Lions Rugby Co. have become technological partners. The Johannesburg team is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. It has achieved many local and international successes, including participation in the Super Rugby finals.

The rugby GPS trackers provided to the club will give coaches access to data on the training loads of individual players.

The coaching staff will use innovative technology, and the statistics obtained this way will be used to make decisions based on the condition, effort and performance of each player.

Collaboration rugby GPS trackers

Stefan van Deventer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Lions Rugby Co. emphasizes that: “The equipment and system provided by Sonda Sports correspond to our requirements for monitoring the players’ training activity.

The team has thus gained access to key data used on a daily basis to develop training sessions”.

Professional team using rugby GPS trackers

Rudolf Straeuli, CEO of Lions Rugby Co. stressed that: “The support provided by the Sonda Sports system allows the coaching staff to monitor the progress of the whole team in order to achieve the best results.

Comprehensively collected data and the form in which it is presented in an intuitive application make it a tool tailored to our current needs”.

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