Lech Poznań Academy now using Sonda Sports system
Photo credits: Przemysław Szyszka/Lech Poznań

Lech Poznań Academy now using Sonda Sports system

Football coaches and players are getting more and more serious about sports tracking. They understand the importance of workload management in both adults and children’s training. “Workload analysis is crucial when it comes to the whole process of training” – says Jakub Marynowicz, fitness coach of youth players of Lech Poznań – “This GPS tracking system is a reliable and proven tool, we’re excited to use it right in the beginning of the season”.

Thanks to Sonda Sports system the coaches can adjust the workload level to age and capability of the players. Maciej Nikodemski of Sonda Sports comments that GPS tracking gives the coaches a chance to follow their charges’ progress, as well as prevent them from injuries.

It also gives the players a great motivation kick. Many players admit that after getting sports tracking system they try a little harder, because they know it’ll show. Thus GPS tracking provides not only reliable data for analysis, but also motivates players to give their best during their training. In long term this turns into a habit of hard work in the pitch.

According to Marcin Wróbel, athletic director of Lech Poznań Academy, partnership between the team and Sonda Sports will take young players’ training to another level.

If you also want to use Sonda Sports tracking system, our team can arrange a test training for you and your club. Find out more by sending an email at hello@sondasports.com.

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