How does the Sonda Sports system work?

How does the Sonda Sports system work?

Sonda Sports is a completely wireless athlete monitoring system which records every physical effort, its intensity and body response. You just have to have it with you during training or when playing a match.


GPS Sports Tracker Sonda Sports


Our trackers are equipped with an outdoor (GPS/GLONASS) or indoor (LPS) positioning system, as well as an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer to track every step, as well as the location, speed, and distance. Such equipment allows monitoring the physical condition of athletes by providing basic information, as well as advanced data analysis.



Heart Rate Monitor

Hear Rate Monitor Sonda Sports


The Sonda Sports Tracker is equipped with Bluetooth LE (4.1), which enables connecting the tracker to the heart rate monitor. You must pair your heart rate monitor with the tracker during configuration. When the monitor detects your pulse, the tracker will immediately recognise it and save the settings.

How does GPS/GLONASS work?

The Outdoor Tracker includes not only GPS but also the GLONASS positioning system. This system doubles the number of available satellites and significantly increases the accuracy of the received data. As a result, the tracker receives location information 10 times per second.

LPS – Local Positioning System

The Indoor Tracker is equipped with a local positioning system (LPS) created to monitor players during indoor training (though it can also be used outdoors). This innovative system has been designed in cooperation with engineers specialising in creating reliable positioning systems and real-time communication within buildings with an accuracy of 10 cm. The whole system consists of 4 light, portable wireless stations which can be quickly and easily placed on a tripod or fixed permanently in the sports hall.

Calculation – data analysis

All calculations and analyses are carried out in the cloud using algorithms based on the latest scientific research. We transform complicated and extensive data into clear, understandable, user-friendly charts and statistics. We provide full information on the athletes’ training load, expected training results, and the risk of injury.

The system allows to observe many parameters in real time and after training in any combination:

  • Training load (Individualised Training Impulse, iTRIMP)
    • cumulative (total)
    • in a unit of time
  • Pulse
    • current, average, maximum
    • duration and distance below and above thresholds: aerobic and anaerobic
    • variability of the sinus rhythm
  • Training monotony and effort
  • Distance
    • total
    • in a unit of time
  • Speed
    • current, average, maximum
    • duration and distance in particular speed ranges
  • Sprints
    • total quantity
    • quantity per unit of time
    • length (average, maximum)
  • Acceleration
    • duration and distance in particular ranges of acceleration
    • quantity and duration
  • Metabolic power
    • current, average, maximum
    • duration and distance in particular power ranges
  • Arbitrary (absolute) assessment of the current performance level

Wireless connection

Sonda Sports is a completely wireless athlete monitoring system. The tracker communicates with the router via a Wi-Fi connection, and the data is automatically sent to the cloud and analysed. You can view the results in real time in our web or mobile application. Moreover, you can also use our ISM radio with an efficient connection to get uninterrupted results in real time. If you are not within the Wi-Fi range, the data will be stored in the tracker’s internal memory (up to 18 hours of offline operation) and sent to the cloud when it appears in the Wi-Fi range.


In order to ensure data security, we use the world’s most secure service – Amazon Web Services. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centres. We also use the HTTPS protocol for secure communication between the cloud, the application, and the tracker. This means your data is completely safe on both sides (on the way to and from the cloud).

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