How to Work With a Team — Same Training, Different Parameters

How to Work With a Team — Same Training, Different Parameters

It’s a challenge to work with a group of people. Each member of the team is different – and even if a coach has made sure that his players are at a similar level of preparation, assuming that they will perform exactly the same is just wrong.

One schedule to train them all

Although there are some differences between players’ capabilities, there is no way that the coach will adjust the number of reps, sprints or general workload to everyone individually. After all, they are a team and during the game they have to perform like one. Nevertheless, they are still different and when the coach tells them to sprint, he will immediately see who is faster and who is lagging behind.

No divisions

Dividing a team into smaller groups based on what they are capable of would have a negative impact on morale. Some members would feel they are not good enough. Others might get overconfident, and even start looking down on the rest of their teammates. Dividing a team into smaller groups may break the unity of the team. Moreover, keeping an eye on two (or more) separate groups would be much more difficult for the coach. His job is to bring the best out of every player, bearing in mind that “best” means something completely different for each of them.

Keeping track of progress

When the coach’s eye is not enough to monitor every player individually, it’s best to use precise equipment that doesn’t miss a thing. A GPS tracking system such as Sonda Sports collects information about literally every step of each player. Tracking teams is not a new concept, but for a long time it was only available to professional teams. Well, not anymore – now everyone can use it both during training sessions and games. The data generated by this system is reliable and provides a strong basis for planning trainings in the long term.

Let the technology do the job

The Sonda Sports system sees everything and process the information it collects immediately. It is based on both GPS and GLONASS positioning, which makes it possible to precisely track players outdoors. As a coach, you can focus on what’s happening on the pitch and then rewind to the beginning and see it all over again. But if you want to see the numbers right away, you can use the live view mode and check the exact speed of each player.

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