GPS Football Trackers At Coerver® Coaching Poland

GPS Football Trackers At Coerver® Coaching Poland

Sonda Sports has provided Coerver® Coaching Poland with a set of GPS football trackers, which were used during training sessions at Coerver’s sports camp.

The training staff and young players were given access to the analytical system, which in a simple and clear way presented data on the current training load, as well as the body’s response to particular exercises.

Youth athlete using GPS football trackers

Sonda Sports understands the needs of the training environment of young football players and has initiated a programme of sharing its GPS football trackers for testing.

During the Coerver® Coaching Poland camp held in Kleszczow on February 17-23, 2019, the coaching staff of the leading training system in the world took advantage of this opportunity.

Professional Fitness Coach’s Perspective

Katarzyna Barlewicz Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Coerver® Coaching is a global, comprehensive system of football training, involving all the elements necessary to educate and shape players at the highest level. We strive to ensure that our activities are carried out perfectly.

The use of a GPS football trackers gives us the possibility of full control over the training process and the development of young players. Sonda Sports enables to obtain answers to the most important question for a coach – have we obtained the training values we planned, and whether our player is developing to the best of his abilities.

An additional advantage is a function of estimating the risk of injury based on a comparison of data from training sessions” – says Katarzyna Barlewicz, Coerver® Coaching Poland fitness coach.

The Sonda Sports analytics system provides access to 26 statistics showing the performance of individual players. It is also a simple and clear way of presenting important parameters showing what training loads a player is subjected to, how he reacts to individual stimuli and training conditions, and his level of fitness.



Posted by Coerver Coaching Poland on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Youth Player’s Experience with GPS Football Trackers

“During the Coerver ® Coaching Kleszczow 2019 camp, I had the opportunity to check my training parameters using the Sonda Sports system. Like every athlete, I train hard, but seeing my results directly in an online application has made me more aware of what is happening in my body and how I react to training.

I can see if I am developing, whether I am improving my performance and whether my estimates are similar to what the data collected by the GPS tracking system shows. Thanks to this intuitive application, I have the opportunity to quickly analyze each training session which I conduct together with the fitness coach”- sums up Jakub Murat, participant of the Coerver® Coaching Poland National Team Camp.

Youth football player using GPS football trackers

Sonda Sports’ Approach

Magdalena Łowicka, MA physiotherapy, Operating Manager at Sonda Sports: “We are very pleased with the growing awareness among young athletes that sports training is based not only on hard work but also the ability to consciously and purposefully carry out the exercises set by the coach.

Players highly rate the use of monitoring systems, because they know that a coach can base their management of training loads not only on their knowledge and experience but also on objective information and statistics obtained from each training session.

Regular use of a monitoring system allows not only to optimize the training for a particular player but also to follow the sporting career of a young player and to pick up moments which may indicate a drop in form or the risk of an overload injury”.

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