Football player tracking in the work of coaches and players

Football player tracking in the work of coaches and players


The world of sports is rapidly changing and has significantly evolved over the last few years. Professionals must pay attention to every detail related to training, diet, regeneration, and mental preparation. A football player tracking system can also be a helpful tool.

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Large training staff is needed for teams to succeed. Individualization provides the opportunity to work on every aspect at the maximum level adapted to the needs of athletes.

It is common now to have e.g. 6 fitness coaches, 2 goalkeeping coaches, or 8 analysts in the training staff. Clubs also often hire a person responsible for GPS monitoring. These are the highest, world-class standards. Clubs and football academies aware of their role in shaping next generations of players are with increasingly taking advantage of access to the latest technologies.

This is how the best teams in the world work and nobody is surprised when they see players with vests strapped to their chests. But what is the situation at the lower level in academies which are supposed to train future champions? How do coaches and players approach the issue of GPS monitoring?

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Football player tracking at the sports academy level

What can we – football coaches – do if we already have a player who has invested in a GPS transmitter? First of all, do not be afraid to analyse the results that appear in the system in relation to your training sessions.

This one person, to a greater or lesser extent, will help to find out whether your training measures are bringing the expected results, and whether it is worth modifying, adding or removing something from the workouts.

A compendium of knowledge containing a description of each parameter will give you an idea of whether today’s 3×3 game was on the anaerobic threshold or not.

A detailed analysis of individual statistics will also allow you to check whether a player accelerated during a counterattack or stayed behind. If you have at least one device which enables football player tracking, use the data and statistics it provides. It will give you an opportunity to verify your methods and to develop.

Football player tracking youth

Football player tracking for the players

As a parent or player, you may be wondering if you can monitor training loads with the use of football player tracking.

Yes, of course. You will be the creator of your success. Nobody will do it for you. You will be able to check yourself how your parameters change, what more you can do and how to do it more efficiently.

You do not need a specialist for this – all the statistics and data are described in the compendium of knowledge. Sometimes a simple modification to your training is enough to significantly improve the effects.

One example is the analysis of the number of accelerations. If in the analysed training the results were 12, you, as a conscious athlete, can improve this parameter by means of a simple additional task. Just accelerate after each pass. Will the number of accelerations increases then? Definitely!

Football player individual

Football player tracking and its impact on sports performance

This technology is designed to support the development of individual athletes and entire teams. It provides information on whether the applied training methods are giving the expected results.

Moreover, it allows coaches and players to become more aware of the processes that take place on the pitch. Let’s not be afraid to try new things, they push the world forward.

Katarzyna Barlewicz Certified fitness trainer

Katarzyna Barlewicz
Get2Move Project Manager
Certified fitness trainer, Coerver Coaching Poland
A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw. Former football player. U17 and U19 Poland national team player. Polish Champion in 2008 with AZS Wrocław.
Works with young players in Wroclaw.

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