10 most common mistakes you make during training

10 most common mistakes you make during training

Even small mistakes, when repeated consistently, can lead to failures and disappointments. Some of them are so common that they concern almost every amateur player. If you train regularly, you should read the following list and make sure you’re not making these errors. You can also use very helpful equipment to do so.

1. Not warming up before training

Warming up is crucial for every athlete. Before pushing your body to the limit, you have to prepare it to avoid the risk of injury and to ensure that you’re getting as much out of the workout as possible. If you think that the training itself will suffice as your warm up, you won’t be able to keep up with your teammates.

2. Not cooling down after training

Just as it is important to warm up before your workout, you should cool down after. You can’t just finish abruptly. Such a sudden change is detrimental for your body and may lead to an injury. 

3. You skip the part that causes you trouble

Do you ever feel that you’re not good enough doing a particular part of the training? This happens to everyone. When you have to do something new, more difficult, or just push yourself to do something faster and better, you may not enjoy it. Remember though, that only coming out of your comfort zone will let you make progress. After all, what seems easy today was once a challenge. 

4. You don’t listen to your coach

Your coach knows best. If you don’t understand why he’s telling you to do something, just talk to him instead of being stubborn. He will explain exactly why you need to train a particular element. 

5. You have trouble focusing

We all have families, friends, and a lot of stuff to think about. The key is to leave all that behind when you’re training. You have to maintain your concentration and think about every movement. Don’t let your personal matters distract you.

6. You let your emotions control you

It’s impossible to perform well every time you’re attending practice. Some trainings are better, some are worse and it’s based on many factors: your mood, the weather, how you slept the night before, what you ate, what you trained previously. You can’t put yourself down that you’re not doing as great as the last time. This will certainly not help and will put you in a negative mindset for the next one.

7. You’re not reacting to pain

During training you should feel uncomfortable – you should be panting, sweating, giving your best and reaching your limits. But pain? That’s a different story. Your muscles may be sore, which is a sign that you’re doing a very good job, but there’s also pain that suggests you might have hurt yourself. Listen to those signals and observe them – they might signal a serious problem.

8. You’re constantly judging yourself

Self-criticism can be good, but not when it is in excess. Giving yourself a hard time because of a bad training session leads you nowhere, it’ll only make matters worse. Instead of beating yourself up, shake it off and stop overthinking. Focus on the training and what your coach tells you.

9. You’re forgetting about your goal

Another day, another training. It can easily become a habit. You have to find passion in what you do and remind yourself why are you doing this in the first place. What is your goal? Why did you start? What was your motivation? Who motivates you the most? Find the answers to these questions and you’ll soon notice progress.

10. You’re not taking advantage of technology

Some might say that using technology in sports is just getting another gadgets – but it’s not when you can get reliable data of your training. Sports analytics is very important – if it wasn’t for this, nobody could make any progress. Sonda Sports system can provide you with this data. Thanks to using the system you can obtain every parameter of your workload and be use them wisely to make decisions about your next trainings.

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