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What are the benefits of using GPS football tracking systems and how can they be optimally used in your team? Find out in this article!

Soccer trackers are currently used in almost every elite soccer team in the world. Do you want to know more about them? Then read our article!

Sonda Sports, a manufacturer  of tracking devices and a GPS- based system for monitoring the performance of athletes in team sports, has begun collaborating with the Macclesfield Town F.C., managed by former England defender Sol Cambell. 

Check out a few steps how to properly configure Sonda Sports Trackers. An easy guide help you use our devices without any problems and it takes only 3 minutes !

Metabolic Power is one of the most important data to track in team sports. Learn more about its usage in team sports!

Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) is playing a growing role in all kinds of sports. Do you want to know more about using in to boost your teams performance?

What steps should you take as a parent or coach to give your kids the best start in the world of sports? There is no perfect method for this, but this article should help you get the right attitude for the long-term mission that awaits you.

We are a European company which has created a system for monitoring and analysing the performance of athletes. Our system monitors physical activity, controls performance, and prevents injuries thanks to intelligent data analysis.

Sonda Sports is a completely wireless athlete monitoring system which records every physical effort, its intensity and body response. You just have to have it with you during training or when playing a match.

Sonda Sports is a fully wireless, innovative, easy-to-use system, adapted to different groups – women and men, children, amateur and professional clubs.

Why Sonda Sports ?

There is no simpler way to track progress during workouts. Sonda precisely records each physical effort, its intensity and the body’s reaction. Just keep it with you during your training sessions and matches, and everything will be clear. Sonda knows exactly how you train, when you are prone to injuries and how your form improves. Everything happens without any additional effort.

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